Extra Jam

Scarlatto Dolce – Extra Jam

Confettura Extra di Peperoncino: It’s Chilli Jam, just extra good.

Why extra? A closely regulated claim, “extra” jam means that extra fruits (and less sugar) go into the making of our Jam. More than 70g every 100g, in fact, and more than 50g on the finished product. In practice, it means more flavour and less sugar.  Made with a secret mix of sweet red peppers, Lazzaretto chilli peppers and a cheeky dash of wine, cin cin!  Slowly simmered with lots of love and patience, and absolutely no pectin or artificial gelling agents.



Weight 130 g

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What our Amici think...

“We just had the chilli jam with brunch, f*** (sorry Mamma) it’s so good! The perfect balance of sweet with a kick at the end. We are obsessed.”

(Sophie, London)

“We are making our way through the jam so quickly LOL. I even put it on Salmon this eve”.

(Gareth, Leith)


Typical Values per 100g

Energy 620kj / 148kcal

Protein 0.7g

Fat 0.2g
(of which saturates 0g)

Carbohydrate 37.5g
(of which sugars 37.3g)

Fibre 0g

Salt 0.1g

How do I use it?

Spread it, smear it or dollop it as you please. Our Extra Chilli Jam Scarlatto Dolce is a great sidekick for sweet and savoury dishes, but can also become the star of the show. A classic when paired with you favourite cheese or a dazzling new sensation together with chocolate. Mix it with Ricotta or Mascarpone on toast, on scones with clotted cream, with eggs and bacon for brunch, or on its own from a spoon (we won’t tell). It’s also great in marinades: wherever your recipe calls for sugar, just add Scarlatto Dolce.