Chilli peppers in extra virgin olive oil

Rosso Maturo

Il Piccante at its most classic. Our versatile Peperoncino Rosso shine in this outstanding combination of heirloom Lazzaretto peppers and our premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Rosso Maturo delivers a complex aroma that will lift any dish.

How hot is it?
These are our hottest peppers, but the combination of oil and pepper chunks mean you can build the heat to your taste.  Drizzle a few drops of oil for a touch of spice or add large chunks of chilli for a big kick.



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What our Amici think...

“It just makes food taste great — it doesn’t change the flavour, it just makes it pop. I can’t quite explain it, you have to try it”

(Matteo, Paris)

“Silky salty hot little number. You can totally tell the oil is top quality”

(Drew, Leyton)


Typical Values per 100g

Energy 2234kj / 533kcal

Protein 0.8g

Fat 58.2g
(of which saturates 8.2g)

Carbohydrate 2.2g
(of which Sugars) 0.6g

Fibre 0g

Salt 0.1g

How do I use it?

Treat our Peperoncino the way you would a very good extra virgin olive oil.

Use it the traditional Pasquale way, raw: use Rosso Maturo for drizzling over your finished dishes.  It pairs with almost anything, on top of a pizza, over buffalo mozzarella or with dark and leafy greens, kale, chard and cabbage.

For the experimental cook try the #italianinclusive way and cook with it.  Anytime you want some heat add a spoon of Rosso Maturo. Quick and easy with pasta aglio e olio, add to shellfish for a lively salto in padella (flash fry, a ‘jump in the pan), or try it long and slow with Ribollita Soup, Minestrone or Spezzatino. Feel free to go wild, maybe try it with fruit? Pasquale approves.

As any cook would tell you, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not just for finishing and our Rosso Maturo is no different.